Sunday, December 04, 2005

Opinion piece

More on IVF in Australia

Interesting article - although I do think that the author gives readers the (false) impression that IVF is cheap and pretty easy. Sure, things have changed since the early days but it is still an invasive procedure requiring a number of drugs and numerous blood tests (plus the actual egg pickup procedure). And she also suggests that the nasal spray is an easy option which is funny because a number of women (myself included) would much prefer the needle over the spray due to the side effects.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Educating kids about IVF

Educating kids about IVF

This is a topic that has come up during discussions on IVF support boards. And it's worth thinking about how to explain the circumstances behind your child's conception as well as demystifying the process.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Multiple risks

Three major papers ran stories on the risks of multiples and IVF today. Hmm, someone must have sent out a press release.

Mums having too many twins, doctors warn - Australia
IVF specialists have launched a push to limit the number of twins being ... in Australia, saying multiple pregnancies are too dangerous for mothers and babies. ...

IVF doctors move to reduce chance of 'instant' families

The Age (subscription) - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
... away from the transfer of multiple embryos during IVF treatment, amid fears they could endanger the mothers who have multiple pregnancies and their babies. ...

Breeding double trouble
Australian - Australia
... IVF specialists want to ease the boom in twins, whose rate has grown from one in 100 births to about one in 60, because of the dangers to mothers and babies, ...

Triple treat worth risk, mother says
The Age (subscription) - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
... So they turned to IVF, but two cycles failed. ... "The doctors don't want to risk it and neither do you, and when there's three babies, the natural birth position ...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pregnancy Risks - Is IVF to blame or something else?

Interesting article about IVF pregnancies and risks.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

IVF treatment better in summer

Came across an article today from the UK which discusses some research that suggests that IVF treatment is more successful in the summer months.

They found that women (in their study) tend to need fewer drugs to ovulate and have a higher rate of achieving pregnancy. The reasoning is that mammals are ruled by a "biological process" to give birth in spring and allow the newborn to mature for a couple of months before having to survive through the winter - in the same way that other mammals do.

It's an interesting concept, although the researchers do say that you shouldn't put off your IVF treatment until summer. After all that may be 6 months in the future and with time being of the essence when it comes to fertility it would be unwise to wait longer than necessary.

I seem to have fallen into the success in summer catergory by accident. My FET (after an unsuccessful IUI in winter and an unsuccesful IVF in spring) was in the height of summer and my son was then born in the middle of spring. But, of course, I do know a whole lot of other IVF babies born in winter.

Keep up to date with IVF Babies

I've started a new blog specifically to keep the IVF Babies website up to date. The topics area will remain for longer articles and opinion pieces and this blog will contain news items, short opinion pieces and a few anecdotes thrown in. People can also comment on topics or posts. I hope that this will give me an easier way to keep the site up to date as at the moment it means pulling down the files and working on them.

The store blog will remain a place for news about the store and my designs.