Thursday, April 13, 2006

in vitro maturation - new technique

from The Age (Melbourne, Australia)

"WOMEN who get seriously sick from IVF treatment will soon be offered a
less invasive technique - in vitro maturation"

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Newspaper defends IVF competition

<excerpt>A follow up to our previous report:



</smaller></color></excerpt>from The Press Gazette (UK)


</smaller></bold></excerpt>"The Birmingham Post has said its
controversial IVF treatments competition was "never about getting more
readers", following the birth of twins to a winning couple."

The newspaper claims that it was hilighting the inequity of the
"lottery" of NHS infertility funding (depending on where people live)
- however critics claim that it was promoted as a 'win a baby'

One wonders if the newspaper would have reported unsuccessful cycles -
which are more likely to occur.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Egg sharing to reduce IVF costs (UK)

from the Yorkshire Post Today - Leeds,Yorkshire,UK

'Helping someone desperate for a child to realise their dreams is a wonderful thing'

A story from the UK about egg sharing. After egg collection, the eggs
are shared equally between the egg sharer and the recipient.

"With relatively limited NHS funding for IVF available nationally,
many couples with fertility problems cannot afford to pay for the
treatment that they need. Egg sharing provides IVF treatment for
infertile couples who are prepared to share some of their eggs, at a
drastically reduced the cost."

New DVD on Emotional Journey of In Vitro Fertilization

Documentary Journeys through the Emotional, Physical and Psychological Roller Coaster of In Vitro Fertilization

"Technostorks ( is the first documentary that goes
inside the lives of couples to explore the emotions, expectations and
physical demands that IVF visits on those who want to conceive. Sitting
alongside them, viewers witness three couples unveil their greatest
hopes and fears. From their living rooms to the operating room,
Technostorks documents their journey beyond medical textbooks and
sensational headlines about sextuplets. It is a personal journey and
one with no single destination."

Monday, April 10, 2006

Newspaper funds IVF treatment

Newspaper funds IVF treatment - a story from the UK about a successful IVF birth of twins. The couple's IVF treatment was funded by a newspaper.

This was worth all the agony, tears and upset - Birmingham,UK
Not only are they little miracles, they are also the first to be born...