Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Educating kids about IVF

Educating kids about IVF

This is a topic that has come up during discussions on IVF support boards. And it's worth thinking about how to explain the circumstances behind your child's conception as well as demystifying the process.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Multiple risks

Three major papers ran stories on the risks of multiples and IVF today. Hmm, someone must have sent out a press release.

Mums having too many twins, doctors warn - Australia
IVF specialists have launched a push to limit the number of twins being ... in Australia, saying multiple pregnancies are too dangerous for mothers and babies. ...

IVF doctors move to reduce chance of 'instant' families

The Age (subscription) - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
... away from the transfer of multiple embryos during IVF treatment, amid fears they could endanger the mothers who have multiple pregnancies and their babies. ...

Breeding double trouble
Australian - Australia
... IVF specialists want to ease the boom in twins, whose rate has grown from one in 100 births to about one in 60, because of the dangers to mothers and babies, ...

Triple treat worth risk, mother says
The Age (subscription) - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
... So they turned to IVF, but two cycles failed. ... "The doctors don't want to risk it and neither do you, and when there's three babies, the natural birth position ...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pregnancy Risks - Is IVF to blame or something else?

Interesting article about IVF pregnancies and risks.