Saturday, March 04, 2006

Australia to plan fertility ad campaign

"The Fertility Society of Australia (FSA) is planning an advertising campaign warning of the factors that can affect fertility, the Age newspaper reports. The society says the ads, the first of their kind in the country, will be about 'IVF doctors stopping people from having IVF'. It hopes to draw attention to the difficulties faced by older women trying to get pregnant, and to raise awareness of the effect factors such as obesity, smoking and Chlamydia infection can have on fertility."

This story originally appeared in The Melbourne Agenewspaper.

You can read more about it on Bionews- the free weekly news digest of the top stories in assisted reproduction and human genetics, published by Progress Educational Trust.

Friday, March 03, 2006

IVF as a business

There's an interesting article by Deborah Hope in the Weekend Australian called I forgot to buy a baby which looks at IVF as a business. The article draws on ideas from the book The Baby Business. The article looks at the lack of regulation in the US IVF market and the implications of having a client base who are prepared to spend just about anything in their attempts to have a baby.